Cydia pomonella “Codling Moth” Tortricidae

Missoula, MT
July 20, 2015
Robert Niese

Codling Moths are perhaps the most infamous moths in the world. They are found everywhere there are apple trees. In fact, these moths are so widespread that no one is quite sure where they came from, although it’s likely they evolved in Eurasia with the apple tree. Females lay their eggs on apple trees and the larvae hatch and immediately burrow into the fruit where they consume the flesh and seeds. The moths are controlled through various means of suppression including pheromone traps that catch males searching for females, trunk banding that captures larvae as they leave the tree to pupate, and releasing Trichogramma parasitic wasps to kill eggs. But the most common form of control is through the application of Codling Moth Granulosis Virus which kills larvae a few days after hatching.

Happy National Moth Week!

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