Mothlighting for National Moth Week with the Missoula Butterfly House

Clinton, MT
July 25, 2015
Robert Niese

July is a glorious time here in Montana. Not only do the insects come out in massive numbers, but it’s also the best time for fishing, star-gazing, botanizing, and huckleberry hunting. Next time you’re in Montana for July, be sure to drop me a line! I’d love to show off all the awesome Nature this region has to offer!

Night Sky over Ponderosa Pines

Lolo National Forest, Sapphire Mountains, MT
June 6, 2014
Robert Niese

Nighttime photography can be a difficult, time-consuming skill to learn through trial and error. If you’d like some good how-to guides on getting the perfet stellar shot, check out Dark Clear Skies and download a star-viewing program like Stellarium or, for your mobile device, SkyView.